Rock Creek Reining

Jackson & Stephanie Porath

Horse Shows

Day Fees

$50 a day Includes:

  • Coaching at the show
  • Stall Set-up
  • Cleaning Stalls
  • Feeding and Watering
  • Bathing and Clipping
  • Ice depending on the length of the show, if needed.
  • Show Supplies including, but not limited to: Show Sheen, Pepi, Tape, Fly Spray, Etc.
  • Use of RCR tack, during the show!

*** If you use RCRH tack and do not return it after being done with it you will be charged for it; for example, Bridles, any tack, headstalls, show pads, etc. ***


If the horse is in RCR custody, their care and safety will be my primary importance.  

.40 cents/mile- 

Any question please ask!

                       Stalling Fees

  • Owner is responsible for stalls and shavings charges at the show
  • Owner is responsible for a split % of the RCR tack stall, this is divided between all horses shown by RCR.

Hotel Expenses

  • If 3 or less horses go to a show, the hotel expense will be split between those clients.
  • We are blessed to have Johnette Burman apart of RCRH, if we are going to be needing her help at the shows we will split the hotel expense between all clients.

Money Earned

All money earned equaling less than $1,000 the owner keeps. All money earned exceeding $1,000 will be split 65% to the owner and 35% to the trainer- after all entry fees have been paid.

Personal Expenses

  • Air Fair ( if applicable)

These expenses will be divided equally between the number of horses that attend the show.

Late Fee

  • We will bill prior to show, if you are not paid before leaving you will not receive help or your horse will not be loaded into the trailer.
  • We send out the bills on the 25th of the month for the next months invoice.  
  • If you are not paid up when the bills are sent out you will receive a $35.00 Late Fee

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